pure delights

Shop re-openings/promotions, onsite cafe and hot drinks replacement service, office & workplace hospitality, staff treats, film, photo or video shoot crews, showroom and venue entrances, press days/product launches, corporate hospitality, catering events for smaller groups, smaller private events, street marketing, outdoor promotional tours and experiential activities, festivals, fashion events, music events, weddings, recruitment, exhibitions, conferences.
  • 2-group dual-fuel commercial espresso machine, quality coffee grinder and all associated barista equipment
  • On-board independent power or connections to hook up to onsite electricity. Water tank with filtration, sink and waste facility
  • Smart, friendly and experienced professional baristas and bar persons
  • Serves up to 500 hot drinks over 6-8 hours service
  • Serves up to 600 cold drinks over 6-8 hours service
  • Ethically-sourced speciality grade coffee, organic and/or ethically-sourced herbal/fruit infusions and organic and/or ethically-sourced hot chocolate
  • All ingredients, consumables and disposables included
  • 12 and 8oz double-walled branded takeaway cups
  • Plastic glasses used for alcoholic beverages
  • Cookies sealed in individual packets and labelled with ingredients
  • Strawberries and cream served in plastic bowls with wooden utensils